Outdoor Patio Cast Iron Umbrella Base Holder Stand

$92.13 - $217.80
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  • Size: 23 lbs - 17.25" Dia x 12.75"H,  19 lbs - 17.25" Dia x 13" H, 24 lbs - 17.75" Dia x 13.25" H, 49 lbs - 22.50" Dia x 13" H
  • Tightening knob securely locks the umbrella in place
  • Cast iron material ensures excellent stability
  • Great for your patio, pool, Garden, Balcony, and so on
  • Constructed with a sturdy, all-steel, weather resistant design

​Keep your deck in style with this cast iron umbrella base. This holder will hold your umbrella sturdy in place protecting you from the sun, and rain. Its constructed with a sturdy, all-steel, weather resistant design, adding decor to your patio, balcony, pool, and so on.