Half Barrel Adjustable Deck Railing Planter

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  • Medium: 20"W x 13.5"D x 14.5"H
  • Small: 16"W x 9.5"D x 11"H 
  • Planter rack is adjustable to fit your railing size 
  • Perfect as a rail or patio planter
  • Color finish: antique brown

Plant your stuff in this aged looking planter you will mix the scent of the 1700's with the fresh smell of your planted flowers, this railing planter is adjustable to fit your railing, Use it to display your beautiful plants and flowers on your deck railings. Place several on your railings to create a delightful floral retreat. Perfect for mounting on decks – the attractive planters can be seen from both sides of the deck by sitting on top of the railing.